Mac DeMarco – Another One

Streaming his mini LP before its release date, you could definitely say Mac DeMarco is eager to get his music out there for all to hear. Super catchy, alongside all of the coolest adjectives you can think of, ‘Another One’ is an EP worth listening to. With an undeniable passion for his work; three albums in, he’s still making music from his bedroom, giving his records an admired unique character that many artists can’t quite grasp. Producing music in such a comfortable environment has certainly reflected on the outcome of the album; with the overall tone being just that.

The record has an ongoing theme of love and its losses. More melodic than his previous albums, each song flows on with ease to the next. Although the subject matter of his lyrics is quite solemn, its not a feeling thats passed over to the listener. In fact, his lyrics are really quite touching. Track 3, ‘No Other Heart’ describes how much he thinks he could bring something beautiful to the life of a girl; “I’ll put the sparkle right back in your eyes, what could you lose?” But, its admirable because of how accepting he is that this isn’t going to happen, despite truly believing the mystery girl is missing out on something good “her heart belongs to another, and no other heart will do.”

Despite loves losses being a tender subject, the catchy melodies add character and cheerfulness to the experimental vocals. There is also a fun element to the album, which is very much evident in the video ‘The making of Another One’ (shown below).

The closing song to the mini EP; ‘My House By the Water’ consists of just keyboard and recordings of of the ocean, finishing the record in a reflective way. Concluding this final track, Mac DeMarco gives his home address, saying “stop on by, I’ll make you a cup of coffee” adding another element of fun and welcoming charm to the relationship between DeMarco and his listeners.

With tour dates coming up, theres no stopping him. For any fellow Midlanders, you can catch him at The Institute, Birmingham on the 10th September. Enjoy!






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