Charlotte Keates – Artist Review

Successive to receiving her BA First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art from Falmouth University, artist Charlotte Keates has exhibited extensively. Painting landscapes that combine and compliment the great outdoors, architecture and interiors, Keates’ paintings hold similarities to that of David Hockney. Her work reveals clear enthusiasm for 1960’s and 70’s architectural interiors, colour schemes, and modernist approaches to painting.

Keates first solo exhibition at Arusha Gallery in Edinburgh (June 2016), hosted an array of the artist’s large-scale paintings. The exhibitions title: Exploiting Perspectives: A Harmony in Chaos, defines the collection perfectly. Through combining chaotic, lived-in spaces, with tranquil landscapes and perfectly angled architectural lines; a dialogue between each dimension is created.

Whilst there are a number of layers to her paintings, her use of mostly cool colour pallets, calm interiors and organized, yet abstract architectural frameworks create harmony that both engage and lead the eye around the subject. With sometimes ambiguous narratives, she allows for the viewers own experiences and interpretations to contribute to her paintings.


Her most recent exhibition displayed at Arusha Gallery (May 2017), documents her inspirational trip around the United States and Canada. Continuing with her stylistic approach that combines external surroundings with internal architecture and design, two separate spheres merge together as one, creating unique narratives. This collection, titled Sojourn, is incredibly calm with more of a focus on architecture than interior, though both are still at times combined. Organised lines, shapes and angles, fused with soft textures and block colours compliment each other well, creating multiple dimensions that compose a peaceful stillness throughout the collection.

Each piece has its own individual story that invites the viewer to experience their own personal emotions and feelings of nostalgia, based on individual associations with the various settings and subjects – something Keates had intended to achieve with this collection, and I believe successfully accomplished. With incredible attention to composition, texture, pattern and colour, her paintings continue to invite and guide the eye into new perspectives and old memories.

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