Professionally I am a Marketing Executive for a well-established jewellers Birmingham. I’m a skilled copywriter and content creator with a love for travel and all things creative. I also some specialist services on a freelance basis, so read on to find out how I can creatively help to show off your brand.


Blogging can be a great way to engage with your audience and really portray what you’re about as a brand. Alongside this, great SEO in a blog post can enhance the discoverability of your website. I have lots of experience in delivering effective and engaging blog content for brands, and curating content unique to you is something I really enjoy.

I also have a background in blogging for online music and arts magazines. The blog space on this website will mainly focus on on my personal experiences and opinions of music, arts, travel and events.

Website Copy / SEO Services

Sometimes finding the right words can be hard, that’s where I can help. From new website copy, to altering existing content to better SEO, I’m experienced in writing to transform brand identity.

Social Media Management / Content Creation

After getting to know you and your brand, I can create a tailor-made Social Media Strategy to suit you.

I work with location and algorithms to organically grow your online reach and engagement. My marketing services also extend to art direction, photography and graphics, meaning you can relax knowing you have impeccable online content representing your brand. I create engaging content and monitor your social media channels, so you don’t have too!