For example, an HSS 6.625×0.280 has the same dimensional properties as a Pipe 6 Std. CSA G40.21 is the Canadian specification for rolled or welded structural-quality steel. In the world of tubing, things can get a bit confusing. Here are my "Metal" axes from back in the day (80's metal --- you know, the real stuff! ) And HSS is high alloy steel with high carbon content. The guitar strings I use: versus Fat Strat - which pickup configuration do you prefer in a Fender Stratocaster? More specific information about the steels may be obtained from the individual data sheets., Recording with tablets & smartphones (iOS & Android), If this is your first visit, be sure to There are nine guitars in the new guitar range: Strat, Tele, Strat HH, Strat HSS, Telecaster Deluxe, Jazzmaster and Jaguar, plus Strat and Tele lefties. I don't know what reviews you're reading but I'll guess it's probably from the people who really like SSS (not a bad thing) or the all out heavy players and jazz guys who prefer HH (also not a bad thing). HSH also visually signals more of "shred" aesthetic in case you either want that or want to avoid it. you can dial in a sss strat to sound evil as all sin, but it takes time and ears.. when it comes to grit. High-speed steels exhibit high strength and hardness, but typically exhibit lower toughness than the cold work tool steels. Steel tubing, or tube steel, is what we used to use in the U.S. to describe a closed steel section — whether of rectangular, square or round shape. (HSS & A/UHSS) in the Automotive Industry Dr. Taylan Altan, Professor & Director, Eren Billur, Graduate Research Associate, Center for Precision Forming (CPF) and ERC/NSM The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH / - Prepared for - … The VS reverse emulsion technology prevents oily build up on parts and dies while providing maximum die life. The heat resistance that adding cobalt into HSS introduces makes these drill bits ideal for drilling through hard materials like cast iron and stainless steel. Messages: 229. First, you need to know that “S” stands for one “single-coil pickup” and “H” stands for a … hey guys, which pickup do you think is more suitable for metal? hh vs hss; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Instead, they are made of an alloy of high-speed steel and cobalt. check out the. As the H-S-H wiring is usually a variation on Strat wiring, you generally get the middle pickup in middle position, while H-H guitars generally have neck-bridge as the middle position. hss is what i would lean towards for you, now please dont get me wrong. It's easy to replace one or more of the pickups if you decide you find them lacking. They are available in cross sections matching each of the cross sections for ASTM A53 Grade B steel pipe. The grades with significant Cobalt ( there are at least 15) are different and not described by percentage of Cobalt. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Relative comparisons of the properties of the steels are presented in the chart on the reverse side. For alloyed and unalloyed steels, the MHS can even cut to depths of up to 20.0 mm. Which makes best metal tone? High-speed steel (HSS or HS) is a subset of tool steels, commonly used as cutting tool material.. can metal sound be achieved on HSS as well? The cobalt-bearing grades, such as M35 and M42, are known as super high-speed steels because they exhibit enhanced hot hardness. SS vs. SSS vs. HSS vs. HSH vs. SSH vs. HH vs. HS vs. SH I am trying to see the "whole picture" of all these pickup combo arrangements besides the obvious one: preference. for thick Santana-style lead sounds or fat and mellow jazz sounds), HSH is a good way to go, though you'll have to pay a little more. A hollow structural section, or HSS, is the same thing as tube steel, or TS, right? Cheap HSS strats abound. or HH specifically for metal? HHH or HSH or HSS? HSS-R and HSS-G both belong to tool steel of high speed but difference is primarily in the production technology. They might have info to help. Tool steel is hardenable high carbon steel or alloy steel which is used to make cold working tools like chisels, punches, dies or moulds. Definitions Mechanical Tubing: tubing used for mechanical and […] The sulfur addition improves the machinability of the steel in the annealed condition and the grindability in the hardened condition. The cobalt generally makes up anywhere between 5% and 8% of the material used to produce the drill bit. I would consult with Crucible or Sousa Corp. Actually, I’ve been asked this very question, so I feel a short explanation may be necessary. Several of the grades are also available in a resulfurized version. The ability to maintain the hardness required for cutting while at this temperature is a property known as red hardness or hot hardness, and it is the primary defining characteristic of high-speed steels. You can use the shallow cut to cut steel up to 4.0 mm thick. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. I just recently re-did this whole guitar. With many different types of tubing for different applications, terms and meanings can be a bit ambiguous. With this in mind, we’ve set out to explain the difference between structural tubing and mechanical tubing. The way the pickups are arranged, and the humbucking in positions 2 and 4, give the 3 pickup guitars like the HSS and SSS sounds that I cannot obtain on other guitars. A typical HSS alloy has: about 15% tungsten, 5% Chromium, 1% Vanadium, 0.7% carbon. Can someone point me to such web links where this subject has already been exhausted? The term “high-speed” was used when these steels were first invented. HHH or HSH or HSS? (0 members and 1 guests), [URL=""]SoundClick Rock[/URL]...geezer stuff [Acoustic Rock], Here are my "Metal" axes from back in the day (80's metal, "A man with wings can do anything! If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. To qualify as a high-speed steel, the chemical composition must meet certain minimum requirements, which are defined in the ASTM A600 Specification for High-Speed Tool Steels. The term refers to the fact that the steels could be used as cutting tools at high turning speeds on a lathe. But a man with a rocket can do EVERYTHING!!!!! First what you are calling "cobalt" IS high speed steel. A Fender factory guitar has many metal parts with direct or indirect contact of your steel strings, we just add a high quality, awesome and resonant stainless steel pickguard. The nominal chemical compositions of the common high-speed and intermediate high-speed tool steels are presented in weight percent below. Re: HSS vs Titanium vs. Cobalt drills. In some cases, the turning speeds were so fast that the tools would heat to dull red color, which is about 1100°F (593°C). There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. ", And this is my 1984 Kramer Striker 300st w/ PA-TB2b (Parallelaxis Trembucker - Distortion model ) in the Bridge. Its carbon content is about 0.7%-1.65%. High-speed steel is widely used in all kinds of processing cutting tools. But while the name is new, there's plenty here that's inherited from the Standard platform, such as the flattened 241mm (9.5-inch) fingerboard radius and the two-post vibratos. The point configuration is a key element in the choice of drill styles for a particular job. First is the included angle of the point and the second is the configuration of the point. It has considerable hardness after heat treatment. Round HSS are usually ASTM A500 Grade C (Fy= 46 ksi). Some, most notably M2 and powder metal M4, are used in cold work applications because of the strength and wear resistance which can be achieved. If you really want a neck humbucker (e.g. I am mainly curious about advantages and disadvantages of different pickup combos, including advantage of 3 pickups vs… High-speed steel (HSS) is a tool steel with high hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance. Atlas Tube produces hollow structural sections (HSS) to this spec in round, square and rectangular shapes and a range of sizes and wall thicknesses. And the alloy content is about 10%-25%. In Metal cutting, Carbide tools have gradually taken over HSS tools in many of the tool applications; but still HSS is widely in use in some specific segments of tools like drills, reamers, taps, form turning tools, gear hobbing and gear shaping cutters, side and face mills, end mills, slab milling and straddle milling cutters, slitting saws, form milling cutters and broaches. Which makes best metal tone? HSS vs Cobalt – General Information: HSS is a tool high carbon steel, containing a significant dose of tungsten. Metal Mates VS-HSS is a unique reverse-emulsion stamping and drawing lubricant designed for progressive dies and multi-forming operations with high strength steel.. High-speed tool steels are designed primarily for cutting tool applications. It also is used to make c… HSS and tungsten carbide hole saws are ideally suitable for metal cutting. Some, most notably M2 and powder metal M4, are used in cold work applications because of the strength and wear resistance which can be achieved. Joined: Aug 17, 2009 Re: HH VS HSH VS HSS on a superstrat Fri, Aug 12, 2011 1:17am My biggest problem with a superstrat in the HSS config or even more so the HSH config is … The lowest alloy grades, M50 and M52 high-speed steels, are properly known as intermediate high-speed steels because of their lower alloy contents. It is doable to set the circuit so that the middle position is neck-bridge, but generally, you have it in H-H guitars and not H-S-H guitars. To qualify as a high-speed steel, the chemical composition must meet certain minimum requirements, which are defined in the ASTM A600 Specification for High-Speed Tool Steels. Post by alanstepney » Thu Feb 03, 2005 4:11 am In a production envirnoment, one needs the highest speed and maximum time between sharpening, and there, the drill material is important. That being said, I also cannot get the true HH sounds from an HSS or SSS guitar. It’s easier than translating Dothraki. HSS and TC hole saws are also ideally suited for use in aluminium and plastics. There are two main characteristics that define a drill point. The tools usually are a large size and the environment during the work is high cutting speed, heavy load and high working temperature. Let’s get started. Re: HSS vs Cobalt Post by stevec » Mon Nov 07, 2011 1:34 pm RS, makes sense, I had heard that when McMaster stopped shipping to "joe canuck" they would keep larger existing customers, so, I guess you're piggy backing your order on one of those existing customers. 2198 S. DuPont DriveAnaheim, CA 92806-61015, 7987 Crest Hills DriveLoves Park, IL 61111, Sales Offices: Tennessee 888-848-0037 Michigan 833-235-1678. This product contains extreme pressure additives with barrier lubrication to prevent scoring, cracking and … High-speed steel is made from W, Mo, Cr, Co, V, and etc elements. One example of this kind of confusing shorthand used to describe standard pickup arrangements: S-S-S, H-S-S, or H-H. What is this strange cuneiform? HSS vs. SSS (pros and cons) Discussion in 'Squier Strat Forum' started by SquierDesire, Feb 23, 2010 . Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next ... and while HBs sound great for rock and metal tones - I often then ended up sounding like everybody else's rock and metal tone... ToneRanger, Feb 24, 2010 #7. wazupwiop Strat-Talker. Grades with the DuraTech™ prefix are manufactured by powder metallurgy and provide very unique combinations of strength, toughness, and wear resistance. The steel of your guitar strings will rust, but these guards will be with you right to the blazing, rocking, rust free end. See Guard Specs -- Light-weight 0.8-1.0mm. Don’t worry.
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